Enter a Revisited Home

The splendor of the region is not only evident in its towers and modernity. It is also reflected in its culture and history, the nomadic past of its people deserve to be reflected alongside the city center buildings. Ninive was conceived by The London studio Hopscotch, led by James Michael Lees, as an urban majlis at the feet of Emirates Towers, its decor incorporates the aesthetics of the Bedouin tent.

Surrounded by a wooden structure, the windows of which symbolize the openness and opportunities for meetings, Ninive welcomes guests to converge around coffee tables.

Because Ninive is a hanging garden, local plants and wood are ubiquitous and give relief to the decoration. Because Ninive bears its own mythology, every object has been designed and made especially for the place.

It’s a real tribute to the skills of these craftsmen who have been allowed to produce unique work. Because Ninive is a creative platform and a party venue, the team’s uniforms were created by French Algerian fashion designer Norya ayroN.