Sunset Aperitif

Select two of your favorite cocktails, mocktails, house wine or beers

1001 Nights
Rum | Vodka | Campari | Passoa | Grenadine | Passion fruit
Turmeric Me
Vodka | Turmeric Syrup | Apple | Cucumber
Raki Sunset
Raki | Vodka | Peach Puree | Strawberry Puree | Orange
Bô Zin
Rum | Coconut | Grapefruit | Lime
Za’atar Mojito
Rum | Za’atar | Chartreuse | Lime
Sands of Time
Bourbon | Fernet Branca | Blueberry Puree | Raisin and Cinnamon Syrup
Blueberry Note
Hibiscus | Blueberry Jam | Apple | Bitter Lemon
Kiss From A Rose
Strawberry | Rose Water | Cranberry Juice | Lime
Lychee | Cranberry | Orgeat | Lime
Cool Peach
Green Tea | Peach Puree | Peach Syrup | Lime

Special Sunset shisha offer for single or double flavors at AED 110

Mint, Double Apple, Grape, Lemon,
Coconut, Watermelon, Strawberry,
Cinnamon, Blueberry, Vanilla, Peach,
Mango, Kiwi, Licorice, Berries,
Apricot, Cherry

Sunset aperitif at AED 175 per person

Select 5 mezze from our sunset aperitif items paired with our signature cocktails or mocktails
Add-ons at AED 20 each
Cold Starters
Maast O Khiar
Yogurt/ mint/ raisin/ nuts
Eggplant/ garlic/ coriander
Spicy avocado and lemon
Shallots/ coriander/ lemon
Hot Starters
Mini Lahmacun
Lamb/ onion/ pepper/ chilli
Cheese Briwat
Goat cheese/ blackcurrant/ nuts
Tuna Brick
Potatoes/ chilli/ cumin
Spiced Beef
Kibbeh Merguez/ chilli/ pineseeds
Tamarind chicken
Yogurt/ pomegranate/ parsley
Marinated olives
Arabic bread